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Our Pixel Art Pick’s of Upcoming Titles!


Death Trash 

Post-apocalyptic pixel art at its very best, Death Trash is going to be one of the most promising upcoming pixel art titles. This gritty, gruesome and twisted cyberpunk RPG takes inspiration from classic titles such as Planescape: Torment, seeing the player take the control of both real-time dialogue and real-time combat, both of which can end in death!


Boasting a strange array of weird and wonderfully creepy creatures to point your post-apocalyptic weapons at, it is evident that creator Stephen Hövelbrinks has worked tirelessly to produce such an original title. We seriously can’t wait to get our hands on Death Trash, ‘when it’s done’.  

Children of Morta

Brought to you by the very same studio that created ‘This War of Mine’ and the upcoming resource management title, Frost Punk, Children of Morta is 11 bit studio’s latest addition to the pixel art genre.

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This stunning rogue-lite hack n’ slasher sees the player progress through lush procedurally generated levels, developing your characters and discovering more about the game’s narrative the further you progress.

This is yet another huge pixel art title to come from this studio that created both Moonlighter and Beat Cop and is showing massive promise for its release later this year.


Sticking with a similar theme, Noita is another upcoming procedurally generated rogue-lite title that shows great promise.

While still in its early stages of development, Noita is stated as being ‘a magical action rogue-lite where every pixel is physically simulated’. This is what the developer, Nolla Games, has called pixel-based physics, meaning that every pixel in the world can be destroyed. The player must use their magic to burn, explode and melt their way through the world, creating new spells to find new ways to delve deeper into the procedurally generated world and find new ways of obliterating your enemies. One must be careful, however, as death is permanent.


With no release date set, the title looks promising and will be coming to early access when its ready.



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Bad North – Isometric warfare at it’s very best!

Developed by new three-man indie studio Plausible Concept, Bad North is a minimalistic real-time roguelike strategy game that aims to bring beautifully simple and elegant visuals with deep levels of gameplay.

The aim of the game is to lead your group of villagers and island folk through a series of procedurally generated islands whilst being pursued by relentless Viking hordes. On your journey, you must fight for survival, meet and recruit islanders and gather resources to aid your survival.


Battles are brutal and with each passing level, the islands that you once called home become soaked in the blood of war. The combat is surprisingly deep, yet controls are accessible for those on the move gamers.

Available this year on both PC and Mobile, Bad North is a must have for both hardcore and casual tactical gamers that are out and about!



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As if 2017 wasn’t good enough, 2018 is set to be one of the biggest and best years for us indie game fanatics.

So with that in mind, we are going to start the year off right, with a game we know very little about, Tunic. From the awesomely talented Andrew Shouldice and published by the guys over at Finji game studies (the legends that brought you ‘Night in the Woods),  Tunic looks to be one of the most exciting new adventures of 2018.

This Zelda-ish style action adventure is beautifully pixelated and downright adorable. With the cutest little fox protagonist, the player must explore, discover and fight their way through the huge world in which the tiny fox finds itself.

Other than the small amount of gameplay footage, there is little else that could be said about Tunic’s gameplay, but we will be sure to keep our finger on the pulse and let you know the features as and when we see them.

Sadly with no other release details aside from 2018, Tunic is going to have to be one worth keeping a keen eye on.